At Koha Tuina we combine all aspects of Traditional Chinese therapy.

Tui Na (Medical massage),  Acupuncture and Chinese Fire Cupping therapy.

Trained in the Uk with advanced traditional training in Chinese hospitals.

Highly qualified & insured with over 10 years experience treating clients successfully in Edinburgh & Midlothian.

Member of the Acupuncture society Uk.

I am the understudy and teaching assistant to Paul Robin, director of the College of Chinese medicine London.

Tui Na

Chinese Medical Massage

Tui Na - Chinese Medical Massage is given fully clothed, preferably with thin cotton clothes. An extra cloth is used to cover the body while I work to resolve your issues.

Having a session of Tui Na now and then can improve your well being and prevent the onset of painful conditions. Even if you think you are in good condition I can guarantee you will feel an improvement after a session of Tui Na.


A 5000 year old treatment.

Reducing pain & inflammation, relieving tension from the muscles and relaxing the nervous system are some key benefits you can enjoy. This is the beginning of an exciting era in healthcare, the benefits of 5000 years of Chinese knowledge & experience on your doorstep.


Flash, Static, Slide & Fire cupping

Chinese fire cupping is very beneficial when combined with Tui Na for certain ailments.

Popular amongst health conscience celebrities and the benefits are regular de-toxification, release of stagnant blood, gentle stretching of muscles and ligaments, increased blood circulation.

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